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What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse Engineering is the process of taking something and trying to figure out how it works from the inside.

Reverse Engineering a computer program is done by reading the low level machine code it is made of, and understanding how it works internally.

Why learn Reverse Engineering?

  • You are curious about how things really work.
  • Reverse Engineering is a fundamental technological skill. If you can understand how computer programs work, you can do anything.
  • Reverse Engineering is an important skill for any security researcher or pentester.
  • Become a better developer by understanding how the programs you write work from the inside.

About ReversingHero

ReversingHero is a 15-challenges computer program, designed to teach you Reverse Engineering. It begins from the real basics, and continues into more advanced topics.

To move on to next challenge, you have the solve the previous one. This makes sure that you progress gradually, and reach a challenge only when you are ready to solve it.

What to bring?

Your experience

You need to have basic understanding of x86 or x64 assembly. It is also recommended to have some experience with some kind of low level development (like C), and some scripting development (like Python).


ReversingHero is a x64 binary, designed to run on Linux. If you are on Windows 10 or later, you can use WSL to run ReversingHero.

You will also need a hex editor, a debugger and a disassembler.

Video Course

ReversingHero was designed to be solved as a solo journey. However, if you get stuck and want a hint, or you want to see another solution to the challenge, ReversingHero has an accompanying video course.

The video course contains over 12 hours of full step-by-step solutions to all the challenges.

The best way to use the course is to watch a short chunk of the solution only when you get stuck on a challenge for a long period of time. It is also recommended to watch a solution after you managed to solve a challenge on your own, to get another perspective.

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